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Sunday, August 17, 2014

De Profundis - From the Depths

I was ill these last many days.   really bedridden and miserable.  and in the depths of misery a thought came to me.  a thought I believe is true.

For years I have taught that we use religious language to speak of that which could be described in scientific ore artistic language.  Either I was wrong or this new thought modifies that thought.

We see that which we have language and interest to see.

What do you call the six sided flakes that are big and float gently to earth on a winter's night?
What do you call the six sided flakes that actr like little ice pellets in a blizzard?
What do you call the steady flakes that build up huge piles in drifts?

In English they are all named "snow"  The English of the USA and its temperate zone climate,

The People of the North have more than 50 different words for what we call "snow"

On the other hand, a Yupik friend of mine had one word for "tree"  She did not have any trees growing in any direction for hundreds of miles.

I can sit here and name the oak, pine walnut, ash, birch, aspen...and keep on going for a while.

We have names for that which is important to us and easily known to us to us.

Married to a wonderful man once.  A friend called us flora and fauna.  My husband could see sildlife whereever he went.  He would be driving down the road and say "dee" then "racoon" and then some other critter.

I on the other hand would name various plants and tell of their characteristics and if they were edible.  He knew little plants, I could not see the animals.

What thought did I have?  Perhaps I sense and see so many marvels because they interest me and I attempt language for them.  I do not see things because of hallucination or other way causes seeing that which is not there.  Perhaps others choose not to see the work of demons and the Darki Lord because it challenges their reality.

Believing is seeing.
Not believing is not seeing.

Perhaps we see what we expect to see.  Yes that must be closer tothe truth of it all.

How about you?  Do you expect to see?  Do you sense and hear and see? or not?

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