Thursday, September 02, 2010

Submitting and Cash Fags

( Bloggers Note:  this is among the most often read posts in this entire blog - and likely has the least to do with the Satanic Knights or the subjects of Satanism in general.  Blogspot is changing their rules on July 1, 2013, to prohibit the selling of services of adult services or products.  They have determined that posting an email address or other method of contact and offering services to cash fags is the advertising of adult services.  I agree with them.  I have reviewed all posts and comments and eliminated those with contact information and any mention of money or goods being traded.  Want to keep this blog going!  - Master Sinatas the SleazeMaster on 7-29-2013)

There is much I do not understand. My greatest ignorance is in the need of men to submit to dominate men.

I have huge respect for my slaves and even some grudging respect for non-bruder bottoms who gladly submit to my domination. I respect submission but I do not understand it because I do not feel it in my soul – my only submission is to the Dark Lord.

In my gay adolescence, I rode cocks like a bottom pig in heat for a few years. Looking back, I see that I topped from the bottom. In 1984 or so I made a conscious choice to be a Master and a total Top. The way I saw it, there were (and are) LOTS more bottoms than tops … as a Top I would likely have my choice of bottoms. It did indeed work out that way. Plus I figured that I would more likely live longer as a top than as a bottom … fucking hate “safe” sex and love it raw and nasty. And indeed, here I am when so many of my beloved bottoms have passé before me.

So the newer phenomenon of cash fags interests me. I speak of men who enjoy the submission of sending cash through PayPal to Masters who dominate them with demands for payment. A most interesting human activity.

Two European submissive men discussed their cash faggotry with me this week. Both men spend their days in positions of power – business managers, educational dominants, family controllers. But as slaves to dominant men at night. They both enjoy and relish being dominated by Masters. They will both comply and submit to demands for payment as cash fags … even if such activity drives them into debt.

One slave was in cash fag servitude to a “master” who gave him nothing in return for cash faggotry. That “master” did not seek to use this slave so as to make him a stronger man. No, this “master” was neither a Bruder nor even a master – just a fucking thief. I demanded an end to this situation – you ought to have read the whining complaints of that wuss “master.” What a fucking joke. He folded like a house of cards when confronted with a true Master.

But both slaves tell me that being a cash fag is the single way they can truly submit online … thus they can prove their submission and gain all the good feelings they seek in submission.

(editted 7-29-2013)

No I do not understand the need to submit. But I rejoice that so many hot men do indeed have a deep hunger to submit to me. Yes indeed, that fact pleases me greatly.


  1. SIR,

    these are the reactions of a cash slave to your post. What excites this sub is the idea that the Master's demand of cash from the slave demonstrate's the role of the slave to exist to be of economic value and use for the Master. that alone is the return. If it also deprives the slave of what he would otherwise be able to use the money for, that is suitable to emphasize that the slave must sacrifice for Master

  2. Hello

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

  3. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

  4. I want that to be my ass in the picture above !!!

  5. giving our cash is not the point,,giving it to a superior being is exhilarating mentally and sexually

  6. being a cash faggot has nothing to do with cash..we give it because it stimulates our mind and sexuality. I come each time I hit "send payment" to a superior man

  7. Master Sinatas, I do agree with you! Unfortunately most so called "Masters" who extort money from their "slaves" are actually not superior at all, but just greedy thieves! They are actually inferior in terms of viability, and living skills, the facade of "alpha male" is just a mere illusion of fraudster. As they are dependent as beggars to the donation of others.


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