Thursday, September 30, 2010

Signs of Respect and Cash Fags and Bruders

Several readers have asked me how they can be participants in this Bruderhood ... how they can demonstrate to Satan and the Powers and Principalities of Hell that they respect the Dark Lord, this Bruderhood, and me, His Priest.

I offer this option.

If you deisre to demonstrate your devotion and respect for Satan and all His Powers, or to ask for His Benefits, you may do so through me.  Send a showing of Respect through PayPal to the email acocunt below:

I assure you that the Dark Lord will empower you to the degree you empower this ministry with your financial support.    This ministry, my Satanic Priesthood is my only work these days.  I work without set wages except for the many gifts of the Dark Lord.  Your sign of Respect makes my demon guides rejoice and the Dark Lord look with favor upon your endeavors.

For every gift received I will conduct a Rite of Protection and Strength for you.  With each gift your demon guides will grow stronger and your will be closer to reaching your goals.

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