Sunday, September 19, 2010

Purposeful Sero-Conversion

(Preface June 2013)  This is by far teh most read post on this blog.  It alone brings more readers to this blog than all other posts.  Where it has has approx 7500 views, the next most active post has a history of about 2,500.  This seroconversion post is the best bait I have.  But I sincerely hope you read more than just this boner of a story.  I admit it is a hot scene, but these is a lot of hot around this blog ... hang around a bit.)

As I surf the Web, recently I have studied many sites where HIV positive men write of their eroticizing sero-converting their sex partners ... often simple hook-up's.  Some poz guys prefer their partners to know they are having dangerous sex.  Other poz guys prefer "stealth conversions.

A new Satanic Knight emailed me today concerning his sero-conversion in 1999. Bruder Anthony, high on meth, willingly allowed a poz top to repeatedly ejaculate in him.  The poz top used sex-for-sero-conversion both as an assault and as his personal sexual fetish.  With the author's permission, his email to me follows:


As long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to the darker, the sleazier aspects of life.

When I first explored the world of leather I was introduced to a very rigid world. As a bottom, I had to submit as a total slave. My “master” controlled my every move, even my finances. I left and abandoned the very idea of such rigid control.

I am very sexual and have a high sex drive. Soon after leaving the rigid Master, I began chatting with Leather Daddy from Nashville, Tennessee. At that time, I was in my early thirties. I had become a big circuit party boy. And I started have raw sex.

Around this time I began to think it was hot if the guy fucking me was poz.. The risk turned me on. But after a few months of risky sex, I quit the partying and got tested. I was neg. I swore that I would always use a condom.

But “safe” sex was awful.

I began chatting with Leather Daddy. He was upfront - he only fucked bareback. He enjoyed pozzing neg. guys.

His profile had all the right code words. I know this is why I was drawn to chat with him. The more we talked, the more I became obsessed. I wanted him to infect me. All I knew was that the only time I felt complete was when I was being fucked and used by a man. After chatting for months, we planned a weekend visit. He was coming to infect me.

I had not gotten fucked bareback since I tested neg. But I had partied when I went out to dance with friends … I had some tina, ecstasy and K at my place.

Leather Daddy arrived as planned. I started to party. The visit didn't go well. I chickened out; he got mad and left.

A couple of weeks went by. We began chatting again. I begged him to give me another chance. By now I had started partying every weekend. One night Leather Daddy and I chatted online. Later, he called. I told him that I having problems. I did not want to be considered a bug chaser. But I needed to give myself fully, in this way, to feel complete.

He decided to give me another chance. He agreed to another visit. But Leather Daddy had one condition: I would party with tina HIS favorite way. At that time, I had progressed from snorting to smoking. Leather Daddy insisted I slam.

Before he arrived, I set up the play space as he wanted. I was naked except for a leather cock ring and a leather harness. I usually provided the party favors. But this time, Leather Daddy was to bring the tina and g. Before he arrived, I smoked some tina.

When Leather Daddy walked in, I became very nervous. So, we started partying.

Leather Daddy looked me in the eye and asked, “Do you want Satan's seed flowing through your veins? If you do, boy, I will make sure you don't chicken out.”

That phrase, “Satan's seed,” took me to another place. I told Leather Daddy that I wanted it real bad. I said he could do whatever he wanted.

He pulled out a syringe. He told me he was going to slam me with meth and then give me Satan's gift. I had heard about slamming, and I had been tempted. But I had decided this was a line that I would cross. However, at that moment, when Leather Daddy invoked Satan's name, I just wanted it real bad. He told me what to expect (that I would cough) and he advised me to take deep breathes.

Leather Daddy slammed me.

I could feel it flowing through me. When it hit my heart, the rush went straight to my cock. My cock immediately began dripping cum. My ass became warm and hungry … hungry for cock and for poz cum.

He fucked me with his huge, pierced cock. It was almost 8" but it was also thick as hell. He fucked me for hours. He shot load after load into me.

Leather Daddy didn't party at all. He simply loved fucking and pozzing guys while they were high. He slammed me a couple more times that weekend. Before he finished, he loaded my ass.

He visited in March of 1999.

When Leather Daddy left, he said he would call later in the week. That week passed without a call. I began to call him and send him emails.

I finally got a return email from him. It simply read:

"Please don't contact me again. You no longer have anything I want or need. You are worthless to me now. Just be thankful that I left you with two gifts ... AIDS and a Meth addiction. “

I am not sure why, but I got rock hard reading this email. I immediately jacked off. I never heard from Leather Daddy again.

Seven months after his visit, in October 1999, I sero-converted.

Bruder Anthony

The South, USA


  1. Of great value to the former
    Master when the bottom slave was a vulnerable HIV negative, once converted, another tally of conquest for the Master, rendered useless. Now the slave HIV positive, a vessel for use to the highest bidder. Got what he merited.

  2. That is the type of Master i would like to meet! Why can't i find a man like that?

  3. that was just how it should be. you got used,fucked,abused,like the man saidyou got two gifts from him. he moved on to newer things and left you to do the same, ENJOY.

  4. i was just like that master but neg now i want to be a hole for any poz cum and slammed each time in nyc any one that wants it send me message and convert me love to be a hole and nothing else the rest of my days

  5. i would like the same treatment im a top neg but that is done i want to be just another hole to any poz top bttm ver dont matter to me anyone want to convert me im in nyc and anyone can step up its there

  6. I like the picture above and want that to be me being fucked !!!

  7. Not really into the drug part but hot poz guys get me all wet. Just knowing a top is poz gets me excited. Haven't been blessed to serve one yet but still have hope

  8. Damn! That was a hot story...I too would love to find a poz master to infect me...

  9. Damn! Hot story...I would love to get used by a poz master like that....With or without the meth...I just want to be converted BADLY...

  10. Why does just the thought of recieving the gift give me a boner? Married in utah

  11. hey guy iam a hot bttm no limits pig into filth n poz men breeding me and infecting me. be hot to have my hole brushed bloody n then fucked by high viral men

  12. I have given anal service to 25 men all bareback. A bottom must be submissive to his Master.

  13. i have wanted satanic seed in me for many years . i have only met a few men that would do it .. my fantasy is to be slammed and blindfolded and fucked by a group of satanic men to convert my ass in 1 eve . as before i will jack off to this again ..


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