Sunday, August 17, 2014

Organization and Ministry

Up until now, we have combined the concepts of a Dedication Ritual to the Dark Lord and an Initiation to the Satanic Knights.  It has been an all or nothing package.

At one school group we began with a ritual of limited or probationary Satanism and Bruder Initiate status.  It was the temporary Satanist that sat il with me..  I think to be a Satanist is an all or nothing choice.

So I saw in one of those great eureka moments that I had things ass backward.

I ought to provide to all who seek it and desire it, a Rite of Dedication to the Dark Lord.  Few requirements, a nice ritual, well as nice as the person desires, and completely separate from Satanic Knights.

Then we would have a school for Satanic Knights for men who desire to become a bruder,

Dividing up those two things makes perfect sense to me.

Does that make sense to you?

  1. a person desires to be a Satanist
  2. They attend a one hour cam class and submit an application
  3. they are given the Rite of Satanic dedication and go on their way.
  4. Some new Satanists will wish t be Satanic Knights.
  5. They will provide application and attend school
  6. they will be inducted and dedicated as Bruder.

De Profundis - From the Depths

I was ill these last many days.   really bedridden and miserable.  and in the depths of misery a thought came to me.  a thought I believe is true.

For years I have taught that we use religious language to speak of that which could be described in scientific ore artistic language.  Either I was wrong or this new thought modifies that thought.

We see that which we have language and interest to see.

What do you call the six sided flakes that are big and float gently to earth on a winter's night?
What do you call the six sided flakes that actr like little ice pellets in a blizzard?
What do you call the steady flakes that build up huge piles in drifts?

In English they are all named "snow"  The English of the USA and its temperate zone climate,

The People of the North have more than 50 different words for what we call "snow"

On the other hand, a Yupik friend of mine had one word for "tree"  She did not have any trees growing in any direction for hundreds of miles.

I can sit here and name the oak, pine walnut, ash, birch, aspen...and keep on going for a while.

We have names for that which is important to us and easily known to us to us.

Married to a wonderful man once.  A friend called us flora and fauna.  My husband could see sildlife whereever he went.  He would be driving down the road and say "dee" then "racoon" and then some other critter.

I on the other hand would name various plants and tell of their characteristics and if they were edible.  He knew little plants, I could not see the animals.

What thought did I have?  Perhaps I sense and see so many marvels because they interest me and I attempt language for them.  I do not see things because of hallucination or other way causes seeing that which is not there.  Perhaps others choose not to see the work of demons and the Darki Lord because it challenges their reality.

Believing is seeing.
Not believing is not seeing.

Perhaps we see what we expect to see.  Yes that must be closer tothe truth of it all.

How about you?  Do you expect to see?  Do you sense and hear and see? or not?

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Nature of the Dark Lord Part One

A theme has developed in conversations, texts, and emails I have exchanged with men these past couple of months.  Men knew to the Left Hand Path ask me to help them discern Satan's plan for them and then help them do it.  They seek my support and guidance to consume filth, break ancient taboos, and walk on the other side of the legal system.  In their minds only this sort of “evil” life and “evil” could be pleasing to Satan.  And they very much want to please Satan.

Men who have some miles on the Left Hand Path ask me for the same in a slightly different manner.  Many have asked that I mentor them “deeper and darker” into Satanic life.  They want a deeper relationship with Satan .  They seek not only knowledge but mentoring and coaching into taboo, i”immoral” and ever darker (illegal) acts.  For in their minds, Satan wants them to follow the evil ways and commit the evil acts.

Both groups of men strive to serve the Dark Lord.
All these men sincerely endeavor to walk the Left Hand Path.
They are sincere and most earnest in their requests.
I refuse to mock or treat them with anything short of respect.
I honor their efforts.  And...
I  refuse their requests to coach and guide them into the “evil” ways they think they want.


First. For personal reasons I refuse to become their coach and colleague in certain acts..(i)

Second, their assumptions about the nature of the Dark Lord and His desires for each man seem completely off the mark to me.

But I do ask them one very important question:

“What do you want to do?  In other words, is XXX what you honestly wish to do?”

The men usually become quiet and thoughtful.  They had spent hours, days, months, years considering what they imagined Satan wanted of them.  But they had not given their own desires a second thought.  They “knew” that Satan wanted them to:

wallow in filth
use drugs and drink to excess
lie cheat steal
assault, maim, destroy, infect
destroy that which is beautiful
corrupt innocence especially in the young.

Filth -Sin – Corrupt … this was the unholy trinity of The Devil s these men perceived Him.

But these men were not naturals at wallowing in snot and piss and scat and rejoicing in their own stink and unwholesomeness.

These men had been raised as middle class, law abiding citizens of their countries.  They did not know  how to break the law in a manner that gained them rewards and shielded them from punishment.

These men had scuffles as young boys and teens but by and large had not committed a violent act as an adult.

So they had a problem:  “I want to be a Satanist and Satan wants His Satanists to be filthy, violent, thieves an liars.  So I will find someone to teach me and to coach me in filth, violence, theft, corruption, and all that Satan requires of me.”

That is how I understood these men.  But that is NOT the nature of the Dark Lord.  Remember He reveals himself to us and we see Him from Four Faces, or 4 perspectives.

He is Satan – Lusty fucker, Great Leader, Protecting Father, Benevolent Provider to Us.
He is Leviathan – He who destroys as He creates and who Creates in the act of Destroying.
He is Belial – Hoarder and Giver of Wealth and Power to those He chooses.
He is Lucifer – the Healer, the Counselor, the Educator, and the Muse fo the Arts and Sciences,

To Be Continued ...

(ii) I am not a fool most of the time.  Only a fool would conspire with a virtual stranger to act in a fashion which may possibly in violation of a law.  Why would I risk my freedom for the sake of a man who is not a bruder and who chooses wto discuss criminal intent with a stranger.  No thank you.

Note Pictures are of no relation to the text.  I just thought they were hotr mujthafukka's

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Basics

There is something holding all that is together.  I use religious language to describe that all powerful one as the Dark Masster.

The Dark Masster is known in four faces.  He is One not four but we know him through four faces.  Think of how different you are in a sex club or at Christmas dinner with the family.  Two different faces of the same person.  Just so do I see four faces in the Dark Master.

He is Satan - warrior protector defender leader powerful fucker
He is Leviathan - creator and destroyer for both are simply change
He is Belial who hoards and guards all the wealth and power of the world.  He gives us what we need.
He is Lucifer - Healer, Teacher, Inspiration

We walk the left hand path with a simple moral code:

We do as we want and man up to what we have done.  No whiners allowed.

Any questions?  

Rumors of my death are greatly exagerated....

As Mark Twain once remarked that is.  But it is true that reaching the final quarter of life is not for the faint of heart.  So far this year we have made the unfortunate pilgrimage to the family home where old patterns resurrected ancient grudges.  Not fun.

And the holidays got in the way of my working on the school revisions which need to be made.  But December was only a "yield" sign compared to the huge "STOP" signs of January.

Back home felt great.  Frozen east coast a memory,  California sunshine a daily reality.  Then I had the dental appointment of horror where 7 teeth were extracted, ground up human bones were placed in the resulting holes, and each tiny mound of bones and blood tied up with black stitches.  It sounds as fun as it felt.

My body did not like the enforced diet this state of non-teeth promised.  within 48 hours I had a minor stroke resulting in temporary paralysis of my left side.  It became all better within an hour....but the ambulance ride and two Ct scans and questions and IV's all will cost more than I like.  I am glad to have lots of insurance paid for by others.

The ordered rest times became problematic when I had to see a cardiologist in a city 2 hours away.  It was a good visit and we spent the night.  The night was a disaster of course.  I am not real into this year of 2014 at all.  Head and heart and mouth suffered failures so far and it is January!

All of this is to say that I have lost a month of school preparation.  I cannot tell you when the next school will will be this year but I cannot say when.

Please understand that all this delay is for the best.  I will explain later but each delay brings a new insight, a new angle to the school that I believe will make it better.

Friday, January 03, 2014

The Satanic xmas Tree of Sinatas House

Some bruders have been puzzled to hear that I put xmas trees and celebrate the holidays.  Some have objected and others confused.

But criticism and confusion disappears when they see our xmas tree.  If there is another like it in the world, I have not heard or seen it.  Our holiday tree has a few standards to maintain.

Ornaments must be beautiful.  No cheap or filthy trash will go our tree.
Ornaments must be either neutral or sexual or Satanic.  A red garland is neutral.  A skull is Satanic.

Over the years I have collected many ornaments.

For Example:

  •   Leather Biker Jacket
  • A Boner with message "Blow Me" in hand blown glass
  • A male torso with cock out
  • Santa bent over, ass out, ready to get fucked.
  • Santa working on a Harley
  • Inverted Pentagrams all over.
  • Normal glass balls encased in leather bondage and spikes.
  • The Village People men
  • Various demons of the sea with cocks at the ready.

This year we added many skulls and demon masks.

I like our Satanic tree and are pleased to celebrate the season with cocks, and skulls, and many men fucking.  PLUS I get presents!  what's not to like!